Equine Therapy

Chiropractic Treatment:

This treatment is done by manually maneuvering the vertebrae structure to stop nerve and muscle irritation. When a horse is misaligned, there will be pressure on his nerves which disrupts the functioning of his nervous system throughout his entire body. For example, when movement between two vertebrae is restricted it reduces the flexibility of the spine, thus creating stiffness and resistance. Continuous maintenance on your horse can keep him in high competition for many years and give the animal a long usable life. If done at least twice a year, the horse tends to be more athletic, supple, and his muscle tone will be superior. Chiropractic treatments are natural, simple and effective. It goes hand in hand with massage and acupressure. 


Massage Therapy: 

The massage therapy along with acupressure is done after the chiropractic treatment. By working on the horse’s pressure points, tightness in the different muscle groups releases, allowing a better oxygen flow to the muscles affected while also releasing toxins of lactate acid. If a muscle is oxygen deprived, it may be more susceptible to minor or major tears. Massage also brings a good blood flow to the muscle which in turn helps to heal. Chiropractic alone does not relieve all the pain in the horse’s body, but accompanied with massage therapy the horse does improve in his movement and performance.



*All prices are tax included*


Initial chiropractic treatment with follow up preferably a week after: $150

Chiropractic treatment after the initial treatment: $120

Chiropractic treatment performed at Angolly’s Ranch (after initial treatment): $100

Competition season deal
~May 1st-August 30th~
~$100 for one horse
~$90 per horse for 2 horses
~$80 per horse for 3 horses
*prices do not include tax on seasonal deal


Chiropractic treatment on small dogs (from Yorkie to Labrador size): $40

Chiropractic treatment on big dogs (Great Dane, Wolfhound…): $60

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