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Our Horses

Our herd consists of 15 horses. Each of them is different and unique in their own way; let me introduce you to each and every one.



Rhilda is our black Canadian boss mare. A very strong willed mare, she leads the herd with confidence and always maintains order. We can always count on her to keep the other horses in line and out of the way when trying to leave the pasture with another horse. She loves licking hands and playing guitar with her teeth against a rope. DOB – February 17th, 2005


Daisy is our Tennessee Walker x Appaloosa mare. She is one of our safest horses to ride on the trail, preferring the trail to arena work. She listens to voice command and will go anywhere you want her to go. With her very sweet personality, she was Angele’s lead mare for 5 years on the trails. We consider her the old reliable, as you can take her out of the field at anytime and have what could be considered one of the best rides. Bombproof, confident, and comfortable, she is notably one of the best horses we have here at Angolly’s Ranch. DOB – July 12th, 2000


Claudia is our sweet paint pony mare. Do not let her size fool you, she is considered our “train”. A very forward mover who loves to jump, she is definitely a unique little mare. One of the horses in our lesson program, we typically use her for our intermediate riders, and she always provides a fun ride. DOB – April 10th, 2004



Belle is our gentle giant Canadian x Percheron mare who we use for vaulting with the kids. She is our confidence builder and is one of the safest horses we have to ride. An excellent trail horse, who is happy to walk along especially in the snow. Ready to steal your heart, it is impossible to resist her sweet face. DOB – May 15th, 1993



Jigsaw is our gaited Spotted Saddle horse and one of our fastest movers at the walk. He is typically our go-to when someone suffers from a sore back, as his gait is extremely comfortable and smooth to ride. He is the “cadillac” of the herd. A timid horse, he also has a playful side and can make you laugh with his antics. DOB – April 13th, 2006


Grace is our Polish Arabian mare, who was originally bought as a gymkhana horse. Now we use her for lessons and trail rides. She is excellent for beginner riders, but also provides a very fun ride for those with experience. For those knowledgeable riders, she can do all sorts of lateral maneuvers. DOB – May 3rd, 1998


Kaisy is one of our oldest horses on the ranch. She is a Quarter Horse x Tennessee Walker and is excellent for beginner riders and we put our youngest trail riders on her. She is very respectful of her rider, and a very sensitive horse. This old mare has a lot of knowledge, and is an excellent mover with high stepping action. DOB – May 14th, 1988


Lynn is our other vaulting horse, and is the safest horse we currently have. She is a Belgian x Quarter horse, and enjoys being bathed and groomed for hours. Our beginner riders love her, as she offers a fun and safe ride. Nothing can faze this mare, and she has such an easygoing personality that you are sure to fall in love with. DOB – May 2nd, 1995


F B Dutil Hercquule Sunkist – Pete (For Sale)

Pete is our registered Canadian gelding, who is currently listed for sale. He has a beautiful white star on his forehead, is pitch black in color. Right now, he is in training, and shows to be a very proud horse through the way he carries himself. DOB – July 14th, 2006


Thor is our very handsome registered Fjord gelding. We want him to eventually become our main vaulting horse. He is a real power house, but is still a super sweet goofball with his puppy-like personality and his love of cuddles. He is often used in our lesson program. DOB – April 30th, 2000


Chika is Angele’s personal horse, and is often the lead horse on trail rides. She is an Appendix horse, and is used in lessons to teach riders new maneuvers. Chika carries herself in a beautiful frame while under saddle, making her a very enjoyable ride. She is one of our greatest assets to the lesson program because of her knowledge and willingness. DOB – April 22nd, 2003

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