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Our Poodles

Breeding Standard Poodles is Angele’s second passion. Contrary to popular belief, Standard Poodles are not just aesthetic dogs, but are also very versatile dogs.  They are excellent hunting dogs who love to learn.  They are ranked as one of the top intelligent breeds in the canine world.  They are a very supple and magnificent breed that can also be appreciated as a family member. Early formation and obedience is the key to having a wonderful family pet that you can be proud of having.

Our Poodles are raised with love amidst our family.  We breed Standard Poodles of excellent quality and temperament.  Our male and female have been genetically examined, including their joints and hips, and are in perfect health.  We are small and selective breeder who adheres strictly to the breed standards.  All of our pups are CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) registered and come with limited registration as well as a one year warranty for any genetic defaults. Angolly’s Ranch DOES NOT approve of cross breeding Standard Poodles with other breeds. Standard Poodles are hypoallergenic and do not lose hair as their coat is somewhat similar to wool.  They are wonderful dogs to have around children as they love to play, run and clown around as well as being protective of their family members.

 Retired Female Breeder

Nysa was the Mom to the program.  After giving us four beautiful litters, we have decided to retire her from our program. Being from a lineage of hunting Standard Poodles, her temperament shows many qualities of a retriever dog, as she loves to play fetch.  Nysa is a rather shy girl, and is the calmest of the family.  She loves working with her buddy Loki, bringing in the chickens at night.  After, when it is time to rest, she sits in front of us and *smiles* to get her place beside us on the couch.  Nysa is cream in colour.


Male Breeder

Loki is our present Dad to the program.  He is the most active of the family, loving to run and play with us.  Always at his post beside us on walks in the woods, he is constantly on the lookout, or I should say *sniff out* for new tracks to follow. Loki is very faithful, staying beside us at all times.  He is the leader when the time comes to bring in the chickens to the ranch with Nysa in tow.  We can always count on him to come and lie down at our feet to warm them up.  His is red in color.


Tao Tao is the elder of the 3 dogs.  He was the first to arrive in our family.  After a long wait, he was a dream come true for Angele.  We say Tao is the *uncle* of the family. He was neutered when we got him so he is not part of the breeding program.  His favourite activities are riding in the truck and swimming.  We can’t go near a lake, river, or even a ditch with water without him disappearing, only to find him neck deep in water. When Tao meets someone for the first time, he can be the most charming dog they’ll ever meet, making sure he is petted and scratched even by people who don’t like dogs!

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