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black red girlsfather daughterBreeding Standard Poodles is a huge passion of mine. Contrary to popular belief, Standard Poodles are not just esthetic dogs, they are also very versatile dogs.  They are excellent hunting / retreiving  dogs who love to learn.  They are ranked as one of the top intelligent breeds in the canine world.  They are a very supple and magnificent breed that can also be appreciated as a family member. Early formation and obedience is the key to having a wonderful family pet that you can be proud of  owning.Caniche Standard couleurs

Our Poodles are raised with love amidst our family and are part of the Puppy Culture program from conception in the womb.  We breed Standard Poodles of excellent quality and temperament.  Our male and female have been genetically examined and approved with OFA testing, including their joints and hips, Embark DNA testing and are in perfect health.  We are small and selective breeder who adheres strictly to the breed standards.  All of our pups are CKC (Canadian Kennel Club)  and UKC (United Kennel Club) registered and come with limited registration as well as a one year warranty for any genetic defaults. Angolly’s Ranch DOES NOT approve of cross breeding Standard Poodles with other breeds. Standard Poodles are hypoallergenic and do not lose hair as their coat is somewhat similar to wool.  They are wonderful dogs to have around children as they love to play, run and clown around as well as being protective of their family members.



      dob September 21, 2017

Mazikeen  is our new Mom to the program.    Being from a lineage of show dogs in the Standard Poodle breed her looks and poses are always elegant, her temperament shows many qualities of finesse and agility as she can jump amazing length and height when playing.  Mazikeen is a rather shy girl and loves to be spoiled.  She loves  to play with the bunch and always ready to please with her many tricks. She proved to be an excellent mother and will pass on excellent genes to her puppies! Maze will turn 4 in September 2021.





DOB May 10, 2009


standard poodle

Loki is our present Dad to the program.  He is now a senior and appreciates a quiet day, and always looks forward to his walks.  Always looking out for his family while on our  walks in the woods, he is constantly on the lookout, or I should say *sniff out* for new tracks to follow. Loki is very faithful, staying beside me at all times.  We can always count on him to come and lie down at our feet to warm them up but loves to be cradles even tho he is a big boy.  His is red in color and will be 12 years old as of May 2021.



Future DAM 

DOB September 1, 2020


Red Puppy

Kaza is the newest addition to the family, from Mazikeen’s first litter she will be added to the breeding program when she is over 2.5 years old. Kaza loves to learn and to please, she is currently in training for obedience and agility and proves to be very talented. She is the first puppy raised the Puppy Culture way and demonstrate the powerful benefits of this new method added to my program. She is red in color and will continue the progeny of her sire Loki for his exceptional color. 








DOB December 8th, 2020

(pic to come)




DOB April 1st 2012

daughter of Loki and Nysa

apricot spoo



DOB October 20, 2012

Son of Loki and Nysa

apricot dog


Tao crossed over the rainbow bridge at 14 years of age.

Nysa crossed over the rainbow bridge at 8 years of age.


Tao and his bestfriend Tika who crossed the rainbow bridge at age 16.


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