Mazikeen of Angolly’s will be bred to Loki of Angolly’s this coming summer 2021!!


A deposit of 300.00$ (non-refundable) is asked to secure your choice and ranking in the choosing. Puppies will be sold on a first come first serve basis. We also encourage that when the time comes to make a final decision, to base your choice on temperament and your needs instead of a specific gender or color, this makes up for a better quality of life for both the dog and the owner. Its our mission to do our best to match you with the right pup!

 A pet is a long-term commitment,  you’re looking at anywhere between 10 to 20 years of being a pet owner,  so making a complete and detailed research to make sure that a  Standard Poodle is the right dog for you and your family is a must! We only want the best for our breed  and well planned homes indicates that the decision to adopt a puppy was thoroughly thought.


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Every puppy is left to its natural being, as it was created by nature, this means long tail and dew claws left untouched. We  believe in keeping the race to intact.


All of our puppy are home raised and part of our family of humans and dogs. They are brought up with a lot of love, experiences and mental development. The weekly development from Puppy Culture is followed with extra’s of the Happy Puppy Training. Those methods help in giving the best start and best chance to better handle life with their new family once ready. 


Puppy package includes;

  • A contract which must be signed for guarantee of the puppies to be spayed and neutered before 12 month old..

* Vaccines and worming to date
* Implementation of microchip (permanent identification)
* Record health guarantee

*First 6 weeks health insurance FREE
* Sample of food (enough for a few days)
* Toys (with the scent of mom, brothers and sisters)
* Collar and leash
* Registration paper
* Breeder’s support for life

*chewing toy

*healthy treats

Guarantee of puppy for the first year (1 year);

 Your puppy is guaranteed to leave the family home in good health and have no disease degenerative hips and elbows.  Father and mother have shown negative. 
It is the responsibility of the buyer to retain the information of the puppy and registration papers in a safe place and do not litter.

This warranty does not cover common puppy diseases such as worms, vitamin deficiencies, ear infections, bacterial diseases, viral disorders caused by parasites, the development of disqualifying faults, diseases, or disorders, which are due to the negligence of the purchaser, chance, or environmental conditions such as missing teeth or misaligned, cancer,  digestive disorders, bloating and allergies. The buyer is responsible for any & all costs of medical and legal expenses of the puppy, the first day of purchase. The BUYER agrees that they understand that the breeder is not responsible for the actions of the buyer and or decision making in care of the puppy, including any medical treatment or procedures , legal issues, or anything to make this puppy once it leaves the hands of the breeder on care. Angolly’s Ranch / Angolly’s Standard Poodles is not responsible for any costs resulting from actions and choices of BUYER.






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