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Introduction to Balance Exercises

Balance exercises represents acrobatic art with a horse in motion – an equestrian sport which combines horses, acrobatics, gymnastics, physical form and pleasure. It is a discipline by itself, distinctly different than riding and driving.  It can be performed as a recreational activity as an introduction, addition or combination to western riding, as a form of therapy and also as a high level athletic discipline in competition levels. It is appropriate for all ages. As a recreational sport, it introduces young children to horses, teaches them self-confidence and confidence in the horse, discipline, and body coordination. It is an additional formation valuable to all riders, as it improves rhythm, balance, maintenance and seat.

Balance Exercises are  really a complete physical and creative activity! Not only is the rider faced with the challenge of working closely with the horse, he must also collaborate with other group members, on or around the horse.  Parents cannot supply a better recreational activity to help develop the full potential of their children!

Balance exercises are  performed while the horse moves along a 15-18 m diameter circle on a lunge line. All instructions are given to the horse by the lunger through the lunge line with body language, voice and hand signal, the rider do not give the horse commands; therefore they are free to concentrate only on the execution of their exercises.

Balance exercises helps today’s children develop into tomorrow’s adults through exercise, education and discipline.

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