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Horse Handling Package

Horse Handling Package

  • Have you as an adult always wanted to know more about horses?
  • Has your child fallen in love with horses?
  • Would you like to volunteer in a Riding Stables?

This Package may be just what you need! Offered to adults and children over 10 years old.  All sessions are semi-private and can be tailored to your individual needs and interests.  Each session is one hour and can be booked any day of the week upon availability.

Valued at $300, you can purchase this package for only $150!

Session One: A little about horse psychology; how to read some horse body language; how to behave safely around a horse; how to lead a horse and go for a walk.
Session Two: The healthy horse – what to look for; signs that your horse may not be well; how to groom a horse; what to look for when grooming. Leading and walking horses.
Session Three: The typical horse stable – what it contains and why; good stable layout and maintenance.  How to muck out, top up water.  Grooming and walking horses.
Session Four: What horses eat; their eating regime and why that is important.  Explore the hay and feed rooms and learn to identify the different foods.  Grooming and walking horses.
Session Five: Giving the horse a bath(available in summer only) – why we do this; what to use; the routine to follow; avoiding chills and other consequences of incorrect care.  Walking horses.
Session Six: Overview of the course; groom and walk a horse on your own, based on what you’ve learned.

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