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Our place, Angolly’s Ranch is for my passion for horses and the breeding of Standard Poodles (commonly called Giant Poodle). Our dogs have been part of our lives for almost 20 years already! Our large family consists of 6 poodles including 2 main females for breeding, a mature male for mating, and newly since February 2021 a new puppy to take over from our main male who will soon be retired.

I invite you to know more about our beautiful family of dogs by visiting the page “Our Poodles”. 


To tell the truth, our life on the ranch is pretty busy.  It has been a dream come true, and is a dream which I adore and share with my spouse Roland Veilleux  and our daughter Shana.

Come meet us and say hello to all our friends on the ranch!

Angèle Lacroix


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